Cologne is a feeling.

Discover the Kölsche way of life with the KölnCard. Cosmopolitan and tolerant.
Get into conversation with people quickly in Cologne’s famous breweries.
You’ll quickly make friends here.
Even though Cologne is the largest city in western Germany, you can easily explore almost all the sights on foot.
The unique Cologne Cathedral in the heart of the old town, the almost 2000-year history of the city, as well as the cultural wealth that can be experienced in Cologne’s museum landscape.

Discover Cologne with the public transport services and save on a large number of attractions!

• Free travel on all public transport services
• Discounted admission to many museums
• up to 50 % reduction on many city tours
• Further reductions with many other partners

The ticket is available for 24h, or 48h and can be purchased as a single or group ticket (up to 5 pers.)

Where to buy
• Cologne Tourist Information visitkoeln (in opposite to the Cathedral)
• Online: koelntourismus.de/buchen/koelncard
• Many Hotels
• Deutsche Bahn ticket vending machines in/around Cologne