Genova City Pass



GENOVA City PASS is the official tourist pass of Genoa. It allows you to discover the city while making the most of your free time! Forget about tickets, cash and confusion, just focus on your visit!

GENOVA City PASS is free. It is created automatically once you first purchase one of the cards, or any other activity from the rich online catalogue of products, services and experiences.

You can top up your GENOVA City PASS with the cards created for you (valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours), or personalize your experience in the city by topping up the Genova City Pass with certified activities. You can also take advantage of special prices on certified activities, chosen from the catalogue online, or special extra discounts in shops and restaurant of Genoa, to save even more.

Your GENOVA City PASS can be always integrated and customised, to give you the best of your experience and adapted to suit your needs.

It is forever! It can be recharged limitless and freely, to give you maximum savings and the pleasure of visiting Genoa.

Make your visit to Genoa a unique experience!