Why You'll Love a City Card

Great value for money, we even stopped at one church and were getting ready to pay and I asked if I could get a discount with the card. They said it was free with the card. We used free public transit to get to go everywhere, even from the hotel to the cruise terminal, it was great!

- Annie,

Great money-saving deal. We saved so much on admissions to museums, other attractions, the Metro and the train. Well worth it. 

- Debra Van Alstyne,

We purchased the 3 day city card because we were going to spend several days in the city. We thought that the card would enable us to see many more museums and take advantage of the beautiful transportation system, as well as a river tour. We walked a lot and used the subway system, which was very nice and clean. We think that we got our money’s worth. 

- Karen,

Just perfect for a visit!

- Visitor from Austria,

We were able to use our one-day pass to visit several museums and travel by tram all over the city. It was definitely a very worthwhile expense and I would highly recommend it to visitors to the city!

- Swann,

 Perfect. Best is the ratio money for value, I recommend it to all visitors.

- Diana Richards GB,

This card is a “must” for folks planning to stay any length of time in the city. So easy and efficient to use and providing entry to so many venues. We definitely got more than our money’s worth!

- jrhaz34,

This was definitely worth the money! Gave us entrance into many places and using the transportation system saved us a bundle!

- Debs,

What would we have done without this wonder city card? It made navigating the city so easy and the museums and other perks were well worth the cost of the card.

- Melody F,

 In my opinion, the City Card has the greatest, most varied offers and thus provides best value for money.

- Visitor from Bavaria, Germany,

 Bought a 72-hour card, went to a lot of museums, gallery as well as the zoo and aquarium. Very convenient, saved a lot of money.

- Jason Long,

 The card is awesome. I could visit almost landmarks and travel by public transports in the city thanks to the card.

- Quoc Duy Lai, CH,

 A great way to see the city and reduce waiting times when queuing for tickets on a short break! Really great idea!

- Damon Ralph, GB,

 Everything paid on one card. Travel is so easy with a card and discounts too at places of interest.

- Stephen Scott, GB,

 I would recommend to purchase a city card. It was great to be able to hop on and off buses, trains and the metro without having to worry about having the correct fare. All the places we visited accepted the card so we had no admission prices to pay. Overall we saved money by buying the card, but I would have recommended it even without the savings, just because it was so convenient to use.
[ss_testimonial name="James Smith," desc=""]We had a great weekend, made all the better by the City Pass!!

- Veneta Nikolova, BG,

The City Card helped us greatly planning our itineraries and offered many suggestions on what we should really see.

- Visitor from Germany,

Excellent value! Made travelling around the city so much easier. 

- Roger Collins,